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We have the wide range of control-measuring devices.
The quality and efficiency of measuring devices is verified regularly. 
Devices that we have on our disposal:
•    Several dozen of calipers (including specialistic calipers)
•    A contact video measuring machine Mitutoyo Quick Vision Pro
•    A portable surface roughness measuring tool Mitutoyo SJ-210
•    More than one hundred screw gauges
•    Dial indicators
•    Gauge blocks
•    Height gauges
•    Refractometers
•    Micrometers



We endeavor to accomplish requirements related to the product quality documentation.
We issue such documents as:
•    Process flow diagram (Flowchart)
•    PSW (Part Submission Warrant)
•    2.1 Declaration of conformity
•    Measurement report
•    3.1 Certificate
•    IMDS Report
•    Control plan
•    8D Report
•    FMEA




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